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Why Us

We Only Provide The Best Quality To Our Customer

GREAT achievers.SMART strategy.HONEST personality

In GSH, we train our employees to always strive for Great achievements and we believe in working smart. A smart strategy combine with a Honest personality is the recipe for Great achievers.

Quality Policy

In the Company, we believe in:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality Products and Services in line with International
  • Quality Management System
  • Enhancement of our workforce
  • Safe working environment

Our Services

GSH is an ISO 9001 : 2000 certified company which provides affordable & superior quality solutions & products. We specialize in the fabrication of high precision die and mould parts, jig & fixtures.

We Provide Services Of

Front of Line

  • Rubber pickup tool
  • Spanker
  • DA Block
  • Dispenser Nozzle

End of Line

  • Singulation Dieset
  • Trim & From Dieset
  • Puncher
  • Die insert


  • Trim & From
  • Robotic Handler
  • Heat Stake
  • Inspection Machine
  • Conveyor System
  • Laser Marking


  • J-Boat
  • Pin Type Flat Boat
  • Clip Boat
  • Magnetic Boat
  • Metal Tube
  • Maganize

Jig & Fixture

  • Press Jig
  • Handling Fixture
  • Holding Jig
  • Test Jig

Contract Manudacturing

  • Contract manufacturing services to meet you requirement and exceeds your expectation.


  • We provide EDM service for either with affordable price without compromising the quality of your product

Wire Cut

  • Mininum tolerance of 0.001mm environment are not strange to us


  • Provide affordable CNC miling service through out Malaysia & worldwide with typical 3-10 days lead time

Grinding, Milling, Turning

Customer Focus

GSH shall endeavor to review its business processes and supporting activities periodically to ensure that all its customers’ needs and expectations are met as the company continually grows and expands to become a customer-oriented organization.

A flowcharting overview of the business process in GSH that has been established can be referred to in Attachment 2: Business Process Flowchart.

The CM shall ensure that customer needs and expectations are determined, converted into requirements and fulfilled with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction.

Quality Management Planning

As at to-date, our workfoce has increased to total 120 from initial 4 employees, covering our facilities in three locations in Penang. The fast growing of the company is attributed to the vast experience of the management team in the Tooling and Semi-Conductor Industries.

The CM shall ensure that Quality Management System (QMS) established is appropriately planned and periodically reviewed to ensure maintenance and continual improvement. This will include the resources needed to achieve the quality objectives in line with the stated policy of the organization.

Management Commitment

The CM shall be committed to the development and improvement of the quality system by:

  • Communicating to the organization the importance of meeting customer requirements including any applicable statutory and regulatory requirements for the product.

At present, there are no applicable statutory or regulatory requirements for GSH’s products.

  • Establishing the Quality Policy and Quality Objectives.
  • Conducting Management Reviews.